Monday, November 10, 2003


Democrats bitch about Nader costing Gore the election. It bugs the shit outta me...

Here's what I wrote in response to one such assertion by Hesiod:

I voted for Nader. I live in Texas. Gore was NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES going to win Texas. I was voting for the Green Party, not as Nader the candidate because there was NO way Nader was going to win the election as a whole. I voted to allow REAL third party involvement in American politics and for the party platform I most agree with (the Green platform).

I'll vote Green again if they run someone this year, and the Democratic party should seriously consider trading votes with Greens (who are usually okay with the idea) in swing states if they are that worried about Green spoilers.

Otherwise, the only way to get voters like myself back into the Democratic fold is to start taking up some real progressive positions in major policy concerns.

Yes, Nader has some serious flaws as a politician (especially a total lack of broad appeal and charisma), but what politician doesn't have flaws?

Go ahead and bash Nader, but don't let it seem like bashing the Green Party...we're growing, and we're growing because the Democrats are continuing to alienate their progressive base by "compromising" (or caving in, however you want to characterize it).

Still dig the blog, and still read it almost daily...but Greens and Dems should be allies on most counts, don't lose allies against a common enemy for no good reason...


So I overstated my allegiance to the Green Party for effect, but you get the idea...


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