Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Myth of a Drug Free America 

I'm constantly reading a steady stream of information from the bowels of the drug policy reform movement as part of my daily routine. Sometimes I get a little lax in my attention because so much of it is repetition of the same axiomatic truths that are consistently ignored by our government and far too many otherwise seemingly cognitively unchallenged Americans.

This one is no different.

It just happens to be very well articulated and brief enough not to bore the layman to tears.

For any law students reading this, I am trying to get some concerned students together for a "Law Students for Drug Policy Reform" group here at UT Law. If you're at UT and interested, hit me up (I've already spoken to a few, but hit me up anyway so I can put together a list of e-mail addresses). If you're not at UT, but a law student elsewhere, I urge you to attempt the creation of a similar organization. If you plan to do so (or already have one, or one is in the works) hit me up.

It's time for change.

UPDATE: I keep catching myself actually believing that tons of people are reading this thing. Oh well, maybe someone with a real blog will crosspost it or something. Hint hint...


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