Tuesday, November 25, 2003

More Republican Shinanigans 

I'd gone on before about the Bill Frist "poll changeroo" episode...

Well, now it's out that staffers for Orrin Hatch were coming across unsent Democratic memos in the most...uh...what's the word...oh yeah...ILLEGAL of ways.

I don't mean to say that consistent and unending episodes like this (not to mention the ones that REALLY matter, like the Valerie Plame episode and similar acts that, were they the doing of non-Rethuglicans, would have Anne Coulter's panties so far up her cooter she'd say something nice for a change) are necessarily indicative of the established tactics of the GOP...well, actually that's excatly what I'm saying.

Fuck the GOP...

Give me the time when you could at least rely on them to have more balls than Democrats...now they're equally shrill and pathetic, only more wrong about everything.

NOTE: Edited several times to try to correct mistakes made in a fit of moral outrage that I am now over. I have now returned to the warm fold of cynicism and a severe distrust of any authority that borders on the maniacal. Please return to your sheepdom, fellow bah-bahs...


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