Monday, November 10, 2003

"Inbedded" with the Miami Police 

So the Miami police are inviting journalists to be embedded with police units for the FTAA demonstrations.

Hit the link. I think Jensen is right (and I should add he was a reader for my undergraduate thesis, so I am not unbiased here).

My response? The organizers of the protest should extend an invitation as well, to allow journalists to view the situation from that side as well. If journalists from all organizations agreeing to the police invitation also embedded reporters on the other side, I think it would not only be the most impartial means of reviewing the event, but would also make for some extremely interesting and [corporate news apologist] exciting and lucrative [/corporate news apologist] journalism.

I truly hope that nothing violent occurs at the protest, but I've also seen situations where police overreact to othwise peaceful events and cause violence. Even reporters embedded with police units could miss that, and incorrectly characterize the situation, and their embedded status would only lend further credibility to a false account. Like my soccer coach said, "always hit first, the ref only sees the retaliation."


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