Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Castrated Broadcasting Service 

It appears as though CBS, in the typical style of today's largely testicle-free media, has pulled its miniseries on the Reagans . This at the behest of the Republican National Convention.

It should surprise nobody, at this point, that the RNC is pissing all over the first amendment, but that it is actually affecting people in the real world is a little disturbing. Especially people in the media, which is, ideally, supposed to question our politicians, our politcal process, and the history of both.

I haven't seen the whole thing (and neither has anyone else), but if it is highly negative, I do find it a little disturbing that they would air it with Reagan still alive and in such poor health. I mean, give the old codger a break. Besides, it would be much more effective, as a means of diluting his future influence and really raising hairs to air it during the mushy-mush that will likely follow the sensational funeral of the arms-dealer/moralist/hypocrite.


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